Kaengyui waterfall: A wonderful of nature

My friends and I visited the Kaengyui waterfall recently. It is stunningly beautiful and surpasses other waterfalls I have seen in Laos including the famous Kuangxi in Leuang Prabang province and Tad Yeuang and Tad Faan waterfalls in Champassak province. Kaengyui waterfall is located in Naduang village in Vangvieng district, Vientiane province. Vangvieng is one of several notable tourist destinations in Laos because of its amazing caves, waterfalls and the Nam Xong River.

Vangvieng district Deputy Governor Mr Phonkeo Khounphol said recently that more than 100,000 people visited the area in the past six months, partly due to the 2012 Visit Laos Year campaign. In 2011, 140,000 foreign and domestic tourists visited Vangvieng. “The number of tourists visiting Vangvieng has increased dramatically since 1990. Even greater numbers will come here in the future because many people want to appreciate the splendour of nature, particularly the mountains, caves and waterfalls. The beauty of Vangvieng is a unique treasure,” he said.It is about 6 km from Vangvieng town to Naduang village by bus, and about 4 km from the village to the waterfall. Kaengyui waterfall is easy to find because of clearly marked signs on the road.

Naduang village is a jewel of Laos, surrounded by lush forests, mountains and the waterfall. The weather is moderate with calm breezes, the village is peaceful and the locals are friendly. Naduang is realising the benefits of sustainable development and the condition of the forest is largely the same as it was when the village was first settled in 1873. The village is home to 136 households of more than 700 people.

When I reached the village at 10am, the mountains were still shrouded in fog. I saw people carrying baskets of fresh bamboo shoots and vegetables. When I asked where the vegetables came from, they told me they are readily available in the forest. The forest is a kind of supermarket for the villagers. There isn’t a market in the village but I did see some people selling wild vegetables by the roadside. At around 11am many vehicles and motorbikes began passing through the village on their way to the waterfall. Some tourists stopped to take pictures of the landscape, and the views in the village are undeniably beautiful. Most notable are the mountains of various shapes and sizes.

My friends and I posed for a group photo before going on to the waterfall. Some said they wanted to walk and others took a van, but everyone admired the views along the way. We passed green rice fields, streams and rivers and thick forest before we reached a place with several huts where visitors can have a picnic.Kaengyui waterfall is located on a mountain and we wal ked through the forest up to the site. It is quite far, and a bit tiring for people who don’t like to walk, but it is breezy and cool. We heard birds singing while we walked and when we finally arrived, everyone with a camera took pictures of the cascades and surrounding landscape.

Source: Vientiane Times