Tardsone waterfall, new tourist site in Laos

The new tourism site “Tardsone Danehong Phousoung ASEAN Community Park” was officially opened last Thursday. The park is about 20 km far away from Vientiane Capital, on the Road No 13 north, located at Na Gnang village, Nasaythong district. New park have various design of huts for tourists viewing Nam Sone conservation forest and green mountains and elephant riding tour.

The development of ASEAN Community Park is part of improvement of Tardson waterfall into model tourist thanks to the efforts of Vientiane Party cell. The Khamphay Sana Sole Construction Company Ltd has been licensed for development and decoration, which named “Tardson Waterfall”, a site of swan_high mountain_ASEAN Community Park”.

The opening ceremony of new tourism site is a new face of Vientiane Capital to prepare for the host of the 5th tourism promotion festival linking five central provinces tourism and is also part of welcoming the Visit Laos Year 2012. The President of Khamphay Sana Sole Construction Company, Mr. Khamphay Somsana said the target of company aiming to develop a mode site and ecotourism to handle with tourists.

This site has also a conference room, leisure site for domestic and overseas tourists who need to touch natural conditions and refresh air, said Mr Khamphay, adding that the company has already invested over 40 billion kip in the improvement of Tardsone waterfall, including construction of embankment, 50 huts and a convention which enable to organize the international meeting.

Vientiane Vice Mayor Saythong Keoduangdy said that the new tourist site is in response to the growing tourism in Vientiane Capital and will play very important for Vientiane resident’s income and Party-Government particularly Nayang villagers.

He added this site is part of natural resources and environment conservation and attractive factor for the overseas investors. The new tourism site covers more than 3,000 ha, of which nine hectare for swans and there are five elephants.

Present at the opening ceremony were Vice President of National Assembly, Mr. Somphanh Phengkhammy, Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Bosengkham Vongdara, Vientiane Vice Mayor and relevant officials.