More Japanese tourists visit Laos

The JICA in Laos handed over a five-sample copy “Laos Tourism Official Guidebook” to the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism (MICT) at the National Tourism Authority headquarters on 25 December.

The book was handed over by JICA representative to Laos, Mr. Togawa Masato to Deputy Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Mr. Chaleuan Valinthalasack in the witnesses of officials concerned.

Mr. Akiko Fujita applied JICA’s Senior Volunteer and JICA dispatched him to Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina to promote its tourism industry, he worked there for two years to promote Lao Tourism industry as an advisor for private travel companies in Laos.

The first tried to promote Lao tourism through internet website at first. But it was a long way to get a good result by website because nowadays it is very popular tool to promote not only tourism but also many in various fields. He remembered that Japanese would like to buy books so much.

So he proposed to JICA and MICT to publish a Lao tourism guidebook in Japan and distribute the publication through bookshops in Japan.From October 2011, he started his research supported by JICA and MICT, from April 2012, he has been writing the articles on the attracting spots of all provinces for another six months.

He has written up seven chapters at all, first of all, he wrote about Lao attractive points of pristine nature, health food, year around events and relaxations.

Then he explained about the travel information on transportation and accommodation, after the useful information, he covered more than a hundred attractive tourist sites in 17 provinces from Phongsaly province in the north to Attapeu province in the south including Vientiane Capital.

He finished his articles with the basic information of history, the geography and the people of Lao PDR. This Japanese version introduces many Lao tourism attractions especially for the Japanese market, it includes many hot spring spots, beautiful temples, healthy cuisine based on sticky rice and noodles and wonderful culture. It should catch the heart of Japanese and let Japanese people know Laos attractions deeply, according to press release.