Vang Vieng – A famous tourist destination

Vang Vieng District Deputy Chief Mr. Phonekeo Khounphon said: Vang Vieng is a perfect district, blessed with beautiful natural resources. The concerned authorities have recently ordered the closure of some shops located along the Nam Song river due to their non compliance with applicable rules, and failure to meet required standards.

To promote sustainable tourism, the local authorities will also observe a four-point policy of charm, peace, cleanliness, and lush to attract both foreign tourists and domestic visitors to Vang Vieng, Vientiane province. Though the district were notorious for some dangerous plunging and slings, the sale of mixed alcohol, drinking parties, and body painting, these activities have now been wiped out. Without them, the district still enjoys the growth in tourist arrivals which generates over 70 billion kip of income, said Mr. Phonekeo.

Vang Vieng, one of the 13 districts in Vientiane province, has over 56,000 inhabitants. The district generates income mainly fro m tourism, which is famous on natural place, and the famous for the domestic and foreign tourists, they dreamed to see the beautiful natural and want to visit Vang Vieng, he continued.

Mr. Phonekeo added that last year there were over 177,000 tourists, of which 128,276 people were foreigners contributing as much as 70.8 billion kip to the socio-economic system of the district. “To support the growth in tourist arrivals, attention has been given to the construction of guesthouses, hotels, restaurants, and entertainment, and maintenance of tourist sites.

There are now nine hotels, 11 resorts, 10 bungalows, 99 guesthouses, three entertainment facilities, and 116 restaurants registered by the district authorities.

So far, Vang Vieng has surveyed 34 tourist sites, opened 20 tourist sites to the public and will further introduce 10 more places in the near future.

To maintain its status as a leading tourist destination, Vang Vieng plans to attract more tourists by improving and maintaining natural tourist sites, ensuring convenience, safety, and impression for tourists. The authorities concerned have also designed walking paths on the banks of the Nam Song river and will develop the island on the river to become a place of relaxation, rest and sport site for tourists.