Patuxay, triumphal arch of Laos

Patuzay is located at the end of Lang Xan boulevard or Thanon Luang boulevard to the East North of Vientiane capital, and that is a symbol of victory of Laos.

Most of visitors coming to the capital of Laos will pay a visit to Patuxay, the symbol of the city. Patuxai (or Patuxay) is considered a triumphal of arch of the city. The project is built to honor the soldiers of the French war.

Patuxay, triumphal arch of Laos

Patuxay is located in the main and the most beautiful street of capital, which you can recognize from any direction. In the intersection, Patuxay welcomes the rises of the sun and waive a goodbye to the old day.

Patuxay has another names such as horizontal runway, cement monstor or Champs Elysee of the Orient. This project is built from 1962 to 1986. Until now, Patuxay is still unfinished. For the Laos people, the project is not finished because it shows the hard history of the country. It also appears like a reminding to the next generations about the history and they will try for the future.

Patuxay is somehow like the Arch of Triumphal in Paris, but it contains the main identities of Laos. Those are the Kinari features – half human half bird, Rama epic embossments and the towers. Following the spiral ladder, visitors will visit seven floors of the tower. Then all the vast areas of the capital will be seen. This is a perfect place to take the picture of the whole city.